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Android Market is catching up with iTunes

Being able to browse, download and review apps via iTunes on any Internet browser is an experience that iPhone and iPad users have always taken for granted. Now, finally, Android handset and tablet owners can experience the same freedom of access to apps, with the ability to explore the Android Market and buy apps from a desktop web browser.


The main surprise here is that it’s taken this long to arrive. Previously, all searching and transactions had to be done on the handset itself – great if you knew exactly what you’re looking for but not the best experience for the casual app browser looking for the best new apps to install.  You now also have the opportunity to view extended descriptions, more app screenshots and a YouTube video so you can really get to know an app before you purchase it!

Another significant announcement from Google last week was the introduction of in-app purchases for Android. This is fantastic news as it will enable us to make it possible for you to purchase premium features such as ActiveTraffic™, directly from within CoPilot Live rather than from our Web Store.

With Google and iOS currently competing head-to-head for smartphone market supremacy, these announcements certainly address a couple of Android’s previous perceived weaknesses. Now it remains to be seen how Apple will respond… an announcement about the latest version of iOS 4 is expected later this week.

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