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Apple Heads Towards its 10 Billionth App Download

It appears Apple is now on the verge of yet another milestone in its bid to reinvent our electronic world. Check out the live countdown on as the App Store is about to hit its 10 billionth app download!  If you happen to be the lucky recipient of the 10 billionth app, you’ll receive a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card to spend as you wish in the App store. That’s a lot of Angry Birds – and while you’re spending maybe throw in a copy of CoPilot Live for everyone you know!  Here at CoPilot Live, we’re pleased to have played our part in helping Apple reach this incredible figure. 

While the concept of Apps—an abbreviation for application software—has been around for some time, its Apple who have clearly lead the way with taking the “app” mainstream.  Due in large part to their brilliant, successful “There’s an app for that ” advertising campaign.

But there is more than one app game in town! As the recent announcement of a 40% share in Android handsets sold in the U.S. demonstrates, there is a market out there for useful and entertaining apps that sit outside the Apple environment. And we’re thrilled to be a part of that market also! 

For now, the headline belongs to Apple—and we say congratulations—we’ll see you at the 20 billionth!

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