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Helpful Tips and Tricks for your CoPilot Live

For those of you who are new to this blog or CoPilot Live in general  (given the recent holiday season there may be a lot of you!)—we want to ensure you’re aware of how much helpful information you can find right here on the blog.  And for those of you who are regular visitors to our blog, this can serve as a refresher.  

As you’ve probably already experienced firsthand, CoPilot Live has a ton of features available to help you have the best navigation experience possible.   Some of these features aren’t as visible as others and some you may just not know how to use.  That’s why we post our regular Tips and Tricks, to explain a lesser known feature, give examples on how to use it and open the conversation for any questions you may have. 

To get you started, below we’ve included links to some of our top-rated 2010 Tips and Tricks, as voted by others users. 

Once you’ve mastered these features, click here or click the Tips and Tricks category link listed on the sidebar on the right.  This will bring up all of the Tips & Tricks we’ve posted to date!

  1. How to get the most out of your POIs
  2. How to install CoPilot Live on an Android phone
  3. Using the Shortcut Button
  4. How to Preview Your Route
  5. Save Current Location Feature
  6. Spotlight on the Info Bar

We’ll continue to post our Tips and Tricks throughout 2011, so be sure to check back soon.  You can also keep track of all the new information we post here on the blog by joining our Facebook or Twitter page.

Safe Travels!

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