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Tips and Tricks: Optimizing Stops for Efficient Holiday Shopping

Every year I promise myself I’m going to plan ahead and start ordering gifts online for my family and friends for the holidays.  But the same thing seems to happen every year.  I only have 2 weekends left before Christmas and I haven’t bought one single Christmas gift and a lot of what I could order online is backlogged, so may not arrive in time to make it under the tree.  What does that mean?  Marathon shopping excursion this weekend!

By now, I’m an expert at marathon holiday shopping trips and one trick I’ve learned is using my CoPilot Live to plan my route and optimize all my stops ahead of time – saves me time and stressUnfortunately one mall doesn’t cut if for my family whose tastes range from one spectrum to another.  So I’ll be going to a marine store for my father-in-law, a spa for my mother-in-law, Best Buy for my parents, swinging by the movie theatre for tickets for my grandmother, a ski and snowboarding store for my brother, Target for my niece….. I think you can get the picture!  And I’d like to squeeze in a nice lunch somewhere in there. 

First step:  Add your stops

Using CoPilot Live, I’ll start by entering all my stops for the day.  To do this, I’ll use CoPilot Live’s vast Points of Interest (POI) database to select my destinations.  Since I know the names of most of the stores I need to visit, I use the Search by Name feature within Points of Interest to quickly select them.  If you don’t have a specific store in mind, then browsing by category is very helpful. 

To do so, within your CoPilot Live, go to:  MENU > Plan or Edit Trip > Add Stop> Points of Interest

Add as many stops as you need. 

Second Step:  Optimize!

Once you have all your stops added in the Plan and Edit Trip menu, select Options > Optimize Stops

CoPilot Live will take a few seconds to reorder all your stops within the trip to create the most efficient order.  And, that’s it, just tap GO and you’re on your way!  Your full day’s itinerary is scheduled in the most efficient order.  Now you can spend all that stress and time you saved on waiting for a parking spot! 

Happy holiday shopping!

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