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Tips and Tricks: Don’t Forget to Backup

According to a recent survey, almost 90% of home PC users fail to back up their files regularly.

So it made us wonder, if you lost your smartphone or your home computer’s hard drive gets wiped accidentally, do you have CoPilot Live and your other Apps¬†backed up somewhere?¬† I’ll fully admit, I didn’t¬†even think about it until my colleague told me how!

For CoPilot Live iPhone users:

By default, all your apps are backed up in iTunes on your computer automatically. But what if your computer gets stolen or the hard drive breaks? You may lose your files.¬† It’s very easy to create a backup CD or DVD of all your valuable apps in iTunes, just insert a blank CD or DVD and follow the onscreen instructions. You can’t redownload apps that you‚Äôve purchased from the App Store again if you lose them, so we recommend making a backup from time to time.¬† Further instructions on the Apple Support site:

For CoPilot Live Windows Mobile or Android users:

If you bought CoPilot Live from our webstore, you can redownload the software at no additional charge (use the download link in your order email), though we recommend you still make a backup of your Favorites. You can do this by simply copying the Favorites.lst file from the microSD card to your computer’s hard drive or DVD.

You can also use Central 2.0 to create a backup. Download Central 2.0 for free from Click Explore My CoPilot and Backup my CoPilot.

If you have any questions, just ask!

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