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Tips and Tricks: How to Preview Your Route

Recently I was helping my mother-in-law enter a destination on her PND (if she had a smartphone she would surely be using CoPilot Live!) and I became frustrated when I couldn’t preview the route.  I wanted to check to make sure it was sending her the best way possible as I knew the roads around this particular area.  I also knew of a road that was recently shut down so I wanted to make sure it didn’t send her down it.  But I couldn’t preview the route anywhere.  So I crossed my fingers and set her off blindly following her GPS!

One of the wonderful but often overlooked features of CoPilot Live is the ability to preview your entire route before it begins.  There are a couple ways you can do this:

Itinerary View:  My personal favorite.  Itinerary view shows every single direction in a written list, including the direction of the turn and even the distance to each turn.  You can quickly see how long you’ll be on certain roads and know exactly what roads you’ll be traveling on. To select Itinerary View, go to MENU > Driving Views > Itinerary View or simply tap the Shortcut Button on the map (looks like a little wrench) and select Itinerary View.  See image below.

HINT:  While viewing your route in Itinerary View, if you don’t like a certain direction in the list, simply tap on it and you’ll be given the option to avoid that road.  It you choose to Avoid the road, CoPilot Live will provide you with an alternative route and inform you how many additional minutes it will add to your trip.  See images below.

Route Preview:  The Route Preview feature offers 3 different options for previewing your route.  To access Route Preview, after you’ve entered your destination, go to:  MENU > Plan or Edit Trip > Show Route > Preview

Options for previewing the route:

  1. Route Demo:  Shows your route as if you were driving.  In Route Demo you can rewind, fast forward, pause, speed up or slow down the demo to view particular areas of the route.
  2. Turn Maps:  Displays a visual map of each turn along your route. 
  3. Turn List:  Displays a written list of each turn along your route with the direction of the turn and distance to the turn. 

I hope you find this this week’s tip and trick helpful.  If you have any additional questions about how to preview your route, just ask!

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