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Roam free this summer with CoPilot Live

With August underway we’ve entered the peak of the summer travel season.   Whether you’re traveling at home or venturing cross country, you can guarantee some unexpected costs will arise.  With an on-board navigation solution such as CoPilot Live, one cost you won’t have to worry about is roaming charges! 

A question we’re often asked is why do I need a full-featured GPS navigation app when my Android phone comes with free Google Navigation?  Or if I can get one of the many free GPS navigation apps available in the App Store why should I spend money on one?  So we thought it would be helpful to help you understand one of the key differences of these options and ensure you don’t end up spending money using navigation you thought was free! 

In the navigation industry, we refer to Google Navigation and apps that rely on your mobile internet as “off-board” navigation solutions and CoPilot Live as an “on-board” navigation solution.  Let me explain exactly what this means. 

Off-board Navigation

With off-board navigation solutions, your maps are being downloaded each trip—therefore require you to be “online” with your mobile internet.  So if you drive into a mobile dead spot and you’re not getting a signal, you won’t be able to access your maps and see your route.  Also depending on your data plan, off-board solutions can become fairly expensive as you may run up roaming charges based on where you’re traveling and downloading your maps.

On-board Navigation

CoPilot Live is an on-board navigation solution that stores all the detailed, street-level maps directly on your device so you can use your navigation “offline” without having to rely on your mobile network.   No matter where you are, CoPilot Live will guide you with full-spoken, turn-by-turn directions along your route.  Another benefit is you’ll be able to travel wherever you like and avoid roaming charges completely as there is no need to access your mobile internet.    

In our opinion, the more reliable—and safer—way to travel is to use on-board navigation with maps stored directly on your device. 

No matter where you’re traveling this summer, the last thing you want to do is stress about unexpected roaming charges or get lost because you can’t get a network signal.  So before you head out the door, don’t forget to pack your most important travel necessity…CoPilot Live!

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