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Road tripping through the Pine Tree state

Mary, a member of the CoPilot Live Team just returned from a vacation in Maine and offered to share a little bit about her journey.  Enjoy!

Just got back from a road trip to Maine.  Spent Friday and Saturday celebrating my cousin’s wedding in Portland.  After the reception ended Saturday night, we packed up the Mountaineer loaded with the kids, their friends, the dog and my 84 year old mom.   And we are calling this a what:  vacation?  Destination entered into my CoPilot Live:  a waterfront cottage on Casco Bay in Harpswell, Maine.  I was a bit nervous travelling late at night in this jam-packed caravan, but my husband reassured me it was about an hour drive and very direct.  Take the interstate north to Brunswick and pick up 123, the main route on the peninsula.  And then it’s just a left off that.  Sounds good, right?

Well at about Freeport, a fog started to roll in and the wind began to pick up.  The rain kicked in by the time we reached Brunswick – windshield wipers at full capacity.  Once on Route 123, the light show started complete with surround sound.  Did I mention, Route 123 is a path in the heavily forest interior of the Pine Tree state (I thought it was the Lobster state; now I know why.) and its pitch black.  There must have been a power outage. Not a street light in sight.  The last glimpse of civilization was a sign about 5 miles back for a Timber Company. I tried to call my daughter who was following us in her car, but we had hit a dead zone: no cell phone service here.  We were in God’s country.  Our only option at this point was to trust the powers that be: our CoPilot Live.

Just ahead turn left, 300 yards ahead turn left, turn left.  Yeah, but where, it’s the woods.  As the sky lit up we spotted a street sign and turned onto a dirt road, more like a trail.  (I was waiting for the Hitch-Hiker to jump out in front of our car.)  As we slowly drove downhill towards the water, CoPilot Live informs us we have reached our destination.  Destination, what?  Where are the pics on the internet site that convinced me to book this for a week?  –it didn’t look like this.  What was I thinking?   And then, there off in the near distance, our high beams are shining on a lovely cottage.

Thanks to CoPilot Live’s onboard navigation all of the maps we needed were stored on my phone and we were able to find our destination and most importantly make it there safely.  Luckily my daughter was able to follow us as she was using a GPS app on her iPhone that relied on cell service which ended miles back.  She downloaded CoPilot Live onto her iPhone the following day!

And what a day it was.  We awoke to an amazing sunrise over Casco Bay.  Now where is the nearest coffee shop, bakery, wine store and grocery store?  A quick browse through CoPilot Live’s vast Points of Interest (POI) database and we found the closest locations for all of the above.  Using CoPilot Live’s POI Search by Name feature we even found a list of nearby lobster pounds.

 We used the Plan or Edit Trip feature to preview our route before heading home.  After checking the Route Preview we decided to select “Always Avoid Tolls” to bypass some of the major toll roads and take our time on a more scenic route. The fuel prices in Maine were also surprisingly higher than at home so the Live Fuel Prices feature really helped keep costs down and locate the nearest gas stations with the lowest prices.  Since my daughter now had CoPilot Live for her ride home, we took full advantage of LiveLink’s location-sharing so I could keep track of her live on-screen the entire way back to New Jersey.

It was a great trip with beautiful scenery and breathtaking views.  I still consider Maine to be the Lobster state:  feisty, fresh and fabulous – the best.  What a gorgeous place!

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  1. Howie
    Posted July 28, 2010 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

    Looks the best of nature and best of technology (great food, too!) to make this a memorable vacation…

  2. David
    Posted July 28, 2010 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

    Great story. I love Maine. We go to Harpswell every year. Thanks for sharing this.

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