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iOS 4, Multitasking and CoPilot Live

Big news arrived this week!

Apple announced a free iOS 4 software update—the new Apple operating system— is available to download through iTunes for existing 3G and 3GS customers.   The new operating system brings a number of exciting improvements and enhancements.   For us here at CoPilot Live, we are particularly excited about the new Multitasking functionality for switching between applications and Background Location that allows Copilot Live to provide continuous navigation guidance while you’re on a phone call and using other apps.

What does this mean for your CoPilot Live app?

If you download the new iOS 4 software update, your CoPilot Live app will run as normal with the new operating system, but please note at this time it does NOT support multitasking.   We will be releasing a new update soon which will take full advantage of the new features.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come with the update: 

Continuous turn-by-turn navigation during phone calls

  • CoPilot Live will continue to run during a phone call and provide turn instructions as Push Notification messages (see screenshot above)
  • You will have the option to switch back to the full map display with one touch
  • Voice directions will be muted during the call to avoid confusion or distraction

Background voice navigation while using other apps

  • CoPilot Live will continue to provide full voice guidance while you’re using other apps
  • You will have the option to switch back to the full map display by double-tapping the Home button

Here’s a preview of CoPilot Live’s iOS 4 features

Stay tuned as the new update will be available through the App Store soon.   It will also bring support for new the iPhone 4 “Retina Display”.

In the meantime you can continue to enjoy navigating with you CoPilot Live as usual, although please note that the current version does not support multitasking.

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  1. MG
    Posted June 24, 2010 at 8:15 pm | Permalink

    Is it possible we can have a target date for this release. i.e days, weeks, months.

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