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CoPilot Live on its way to iPhone 4

Last week at Apple’s WWDC, they made one of their most widely anticipated—and arguably most important—new product presentations of the past couple of years—iPhone 4.

Apple sets the bar pretty high when it comes to new product launches, and inevitably there were some who were slightly underwhelmed.  Much of what was unveiled was widely expected thanks to the now famous leak of the apparently advanced prototype.   Although some significant details were clarified, including the new higher res ‘Retina’ screen and much improved camera with ‘FaceTime’ video calling.

From our perspective, iPhone 4 is the most substantial upgrade of the iPhone hardware since GPS was introduced with the 3G.  The new model is thinner, packs an innovative antenna integrated into the edge of the case and brings better battery life. And that A4 chip—also found in the iPad—should make everything run lightning fast.

If you are thinking of upgrading to iPhone 4, there’s no need to worry about whether CoPilot Live will run on it.  Our current apps will run perfectly.  We are also working on an update to take full advantage of that amazing new screen to bring you a much sharper and crisper navigation display.  Hopefully that new antenna will also bring improved GPS accuracy and reliability as well.

In addition to supporting the new iPhone hardware, we are working to fully support iOS4 features, including background GPS and multi-tasking.

We’ll have more information about this over the next few weeks and will be sure to keep you up-to-date with all developments right here on the blog.

FOR ALL YOU APPLE FANS OUT THERE: It appears the iPhone 4 insanity has already started!   If you’re trying to  pre-order your new Apple iPhone 4 today,  it looks like the Apple store is currently “down” due to the flurry of activity.   So best of luck on getting through!!!

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