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Tips for your journey following Team USA to the Cup

2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in just a few weeks and we’re heading towards fever pitch here at CoPilot Live!

If you are fortunate enough to be flying to South Africa to follow Team USA’s progress, we hope you’ve packed our South Africa edition of CoPilot Live with you to make your soccer safari* a little easier.

In addition to providing you with turn-by-turn directions, we thought we’d also give you a few general tips for driving in South Africa:

  1. Important news for Americans abroad – South Africans drive on the left-hand side of the road with passing on the right.  So don’t forget you may think you’re riding shotgun but quickly find yourself in the driver’s seat!  The steering wheel is located on the right –hand side of the car.
  2. All distances in South Africa are measured in kilometers, with a maximum speed of 120 km/h on highways (75 mph) and 60 km/h (35 mph) on secondary roads. Use CoPilot Live to work out all your ETAs and display your current speed in KM or in Miles if you’d prefer.
  3. If you’re renting a car during the tournament it’s better to make the arrangements sooner rather than later. Car rental stocks are limited and likely to be in great demand. Prices are bound to soar at the last minute too.
  4. Remember to take a phone cradle and in-car charger for use with your CoPilot Live. Handheld use of a mobile device when driving in South Africa is strictly prohibited
  5. ‘Robot’ is apparently the South African term for Traffic Lights.  So I guess you could say make sure to do what the robot says! 
  6. Watch out for animals on the road.  They might be slightly larger/wilder than the ones at home – and don’t be tempted to feed them – no matter how cute they look!
  7. Consult CoPilot Live POIs for your nearest gas station as its recommended you fill your tank before setting off.  Traveling distances can be significant between stadiums and while gas stations on the main highways are open 24 hours, some on smaller roads keep shorter hours.
  8. When arriving at the stadium, its customary in South Africa to tip the Car Park attendant somewhere in the region of 2-5 Rand.
  9. (from the Foreign Office) …while huge efforts are being taken by authorities to ensure fans are safe, the Foreign Office advises drivers to be careful about where and when they stop, in particular near OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg (due to a past history of car-jacking). Generally it is recommended to avoid stopping to assist distressed motorists and to stick to main roads when driving after dark. For more tips from the Foreign office on traveling in South Africa, click here

We hope that all visiting fans have a fantastic and safe journey. And in the interests of the USA team, we hope you won’t be returning home too early!  CoPilot Live South Africa is available to buy on the iPhone app store and Android Market. Existing CoPilot Live v8 Windows Mobile and Android customers can add South Africa maps with a 10% discount of the standard upgrade price too.
*Safari means ‘Arduous Journey’ in Swahili

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  1. Posted May 24, 2010 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    I love the photo! Wonder if the elephant knows what side of the road s/he should walk on! Too bad he and a herd of his wild animal brethren wouldn’t appear in Live Traffic? I didn’t know about the definition of “robot.” Bet it will appear in crossword puzzles as the World Cup nears.

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