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Central 2.0 update available

We’ve posted a new update for the CoPilot Central 2.0 Desktop Companion software for Android and Windows Mobile customers.  With this new update, PC*MILER Navigator 450 and RightWay 550 customers are also now eligible to use CoPilot Central. 

The new update includes the following improvements:

  • Adds support for PC*MILER Navigator 450 and RightWay 550 customers
  • Better device detection
  • Improved backup size calculation PC*MILER Navigator 450 and RightWay 550 customers
  • Resume partial downloads
  • Fix KML generation on non-English computers

There are 2 new versions of the update available.  Both versions offer exactly the same functionality and features.  The different version numbers correspond to how you are downloading the update. Therefore you only need to download one version. 

Here is how to get the update:

  1. For current CoPilot Central users:¬† If you are already using CoPilot Central, simply start Central and upon start-up you will be notified that a new version — is available to you. (see the image below) Once you choose the update, the download will ensue and Central will automatically restart.
  2. For new CoPilot Central users and users that want to upgrade an earlier version of Central via the website:¬† If you are downloading CoPilot Central for the first time, you can download the new version — from our website.¬† Or if you have a version of Central earlier than we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the new version — through the website.¬† Click here for more instructions on how to do so.

Please note:  if you download version via Central then you do not need to download version from the website.  Version is only for new customers or those that are upgrading from a version earlier than

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