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Apple unveils iPhone 4 OS

It’s not all about the iPad!!!

Amid all the hype surrounding the iPad, Apple turned the spotlight back on the iPhone yesterday with the unveiling of version 4 of iPhone OS.

It was a significant announcement, not least because it affects an extremely large audience – a staggering 50 million iPhones have now been sold globally.

The update introduces a massive amount of new features—over 100 in total! Here’s four that we’re particularly excited about:

1)      Multitasking: One of the common criticisms of iPhone has been its inability to allow multiple apps to run simultaneously. For example, currently CoPilot Live will close when you receive a phone call (although it does restart and reload your location again).  iPhone OS 4 addresses this (although only for 3GS users) and allows you to keep apps running.

2)      Background location and audio:  The new OS will allow iPhone users to answer a call or use other apps while still receiving voice-guided directions at the same time.  This means all you Pandora fans out there (myself a self-proclaimed Pandora addict) will be able to use the Pandora app and have music playing in the background while driving with your CoPilot Live!

3)      Over 1,500 new APIs:  Including Calendar and Photos which we’re excited about as it gives us lots of interesting opportunities to develop additional new features for iPhone.

4)      iAd: When Apple purchased the Quattro advertising network recently, it was really only a matter of time before mobile advertising became a ‘feature’ within iPhone. Steve Jobs bills the ‘iAd platform’ as a way of delivering ‘emotional’ adverts from within apps (as opposed to the traditional banners you’ll find in many free apps now). For us, mobile advertising offers the potential to support different business models for our customers – for example discounted apps – and anything that makes adverts less annoying and more engaging can only be seen as a good thing.

It looks like we’ll see the iPhone OS 4 this summer. 

And don’t forget about that little (okay… giant) thing called the iPad—we can expect the Apple OS 4 for the iPad this Fall.

Already heard about the new iPhone OS?   What new features are you excited about?

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