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Tips and Tricks: Changing your Language and Voice

This week’s tip is one that we’re asked about all the time.  Can I change the voice on my CoPilot Live?  And the answer is of course you can! 

Some of us prefer to hear directions from a man while others prefer to be guided by a woman.  There are even those of us that enjoy listening to a foreign accent every once awhile.  I’ve even personally used my CoPilot Live to practice my Spanish!  Just remember when you choose a different language, you change the language used for all the buttons, information and instructions displayed on-screen and spoken by your CoPilot Live. 

Here’s how to change your voice:

  • Within your CoPilot Live, go to MENU > Settings > Language and Voice
  • Choose a language from the list and tap OK
  • Once you have selected a language, then choose a voice
  • Tap Test to hear a sample of the voice
  • Once you’ve found the one for you, tap OK and you’re all set!

***One important thing to note:   if you enjoy being guided by Text to Speech (TTS) voice guidance, be sure to choose a voice with an asterisk next to it. For example, see the images below.  Eleanor and Isabel will say street names “Turn left on Maple Drive”.

So start testing different voices on your drives.  Change it up every once in awhile.  I don’t know what it is about James but his voice just makes me laugh –a trait I’ve always looked for in people so why not in my GPS’s voice!  I’m also a huge fan of TTS so Eleanor shares some of my directions duties. 

Interesting my top picks are both UK English…I wonder if my UK counterparts are cruising around with Frank and Lisa.

We’d love to hear what voices you’re using.  Who are your favorites?  Who can’t you stand?

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