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Enjoy the sites while visiting Vancouver

If you’re heading to Vancouver for the Winter Games, there’s a lot more than the Games to see while you’re there.  Many attractions in Vancouver are free and not far from the venues in the city and the nearby mountains.  And if you packed your CoPilot Live, then you have your own personal travel guide ready to show you around the city!

Vancouver is a great walking city, with charming shops and cafes, museums and galleries everywhere.  Not only can CoPilot Live provide turn-by-turn directions as you drive through the city, but it has a pedestrian mode that will get you to your destination quickly on foot. With our vast POI database stored “on-board” your phone, you can search for the nearby restaurants, drug stores, or gas stations without incurring any mobile data charges while abroad.

View your route

Already have an itinerary?  Key in the venues or points of interest in CoPilot Live’s Trip Planning feature (under Menu > Plan or Edit Trip) and you’re off!  You can even choose whether you want walking or driving directions.  In case you need them, here are some recommended destinations to add to your itinerary.  

Stanley Park, recognized as one of the great parks of the world, is a mile from downtown and only 3.2 miles from the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies, BC Place Stadium.  The evergreen oasis of 1,000 acres has landmarks including Lost Lagoon, Prospect Point, Beaver Lake and native totem poles.  The park also has great dining at Prospect Point Café, The Teahouse at Ferguson Point and The Fish House, with spectacular sea and mountain views.  Don’t forget these places are probably going to be packed so make sure to call ahead within your CoPilot Live and book a reservation.  

Vancouver is also home to Canada’s largest Chinatown, with the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden.  CoPilot Live shows it is a 15-minute walk from downtown or an 8-minute walk from Canada Hockey Place. So you can easily grab some dinner after watching the game!

Another great part of the Games is the focus on sports is balanced by a Cultural Olympiad.  Throughout the city, artists will be exhibiting work that runs the gamut from paparazzi-like robots to unique displays that will light up the skies.  One example is Vectorial Elevation, where audiences can program 20 massive robotic searchlights to create their own brilliant artwork in the night sky. 

So relax and enjoy Vancouver while CoPilot Live guides your way!

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  1. Dan Titus
    Posted February 19, 2010 at 6:49 am | Permalink

    So what’s great about having CoPilot Live with you at all times… on your way to the Winter Games you might unexpectantly need to use it!

    Had planned to drive to my local train station, catch the train to the airport, transfer to the Airtrain, and then easily catch my plane headed to Vancouver, BC on my “Winter Games Tour”. All was good, even when I encountered an essentially full overnight parking lot, as I found a spot only half filled with a week old snow pile. So I rammed the car in, jumped out and headed down to catch the train… but as luck would have it, the credit card ticketing machine cost me Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the great train race of 2010. As I discussed the train schedule and other options with a fellow stranded passenger, it became clear that the only way to go was to race to the airport via car.

    When was the last time I drove from the train station to the airport… oh yeah NEVER!… thank goodness I had CoPilot Live with me, quickly giving me my location, and directions all the way to Newark Airport. And perhaps most importantly giving me much needed stress relief as I was thinking I might miss my flight to the Games. A quick drive later, I was parking at the terminal, and had boosted my spare time by a good 10 minutes. Thank goodness for the extra time savings as I needed this time after an “unusual” delay at the airport Security lines. Arghhh.

    But here I am in Seattle, now picking up the rental car, for Phase II of the road biathlon… and now I’m just worrying whether or not Team Canada was able to squeak out a win against the Suiss…

    • Devon Valenti // Marketing Manager
      Posted February 19, 2010 at 7:43 am | Permalink

      Thanks Dan, be sure to keep us updated throughout your journey!

      Just a quick intro, Dan is a fellow CoPilot Live team member that is lucky enough to be traveling to Vancouver for the Games. If you have haven’t guessed it he is a huge hockey fan and a “Canuck”!

  2. Dan Titus
    Posted February 19, 2010 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    Day 1 – Part II:

    Road trip from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC went without a hitch, even got to use CoPilot Live’s Traffic feature as traffic slowed to a crawl as I approached the USA-Canada border, but after a quick check I realized the back-up was just local exit related congestion. A couple of minutes, and then back at normal driving speeds. The CoPilot Live ETA feature also came in handy as I coordinated arrival times and ticket exchanges with my mother and brother.

    And since I’m running several devices, some in ALPHA test mode, it was good to see that the ALK’s CoPilot Truck solution was working well in this area also. Gotta love that MUTE feature when you have multiple devices talking to you.

    After pit-stop in downtown Vancouver, at the end of a very long day, CoPilot Live once again proved a huge value as I attempted to navigate to my brother’s new place about 45 minutes outside of Vancouver. Have to say, I started to wonder if indeed the dataset had the right address, guess I was getting tired and felt I had been driving forever, but once again CoPilot Live came through (Just like Team Canada in the apparent gut-wrenching (for Canadians) shoot-out win against Team Switzerland!)… maybe a new feature request would be to read me key RSS data feeds so I could stop worrying about the homeland crisis on the ice while I was completing my drive.

    Anyway, found my brothers place, crashed on the couch and prepared for Day2 with visits to the Curling venue and Canada Hockey Place on tap before trying to locate my niece to get back a Saturday event ticket…

    Anybody want to donate USA-Canada hockey tickets to my road trip? 

    Go Canada! Go USA!

  3. Dan Titus
    Posted February 22, 2010 at 7:24 am | Permalink

    Sunshine is here in Vancouver and after a much needed rest, Team North America (USA+Canada represented) hit the streets for a run up a mountain in CoQuitlam. Once again CoPilot Live proved its worth as we were able to head out with confidence that we’d get back to my brother’s condo by using the Pedestrian mode within CoPilot Live. We even discovered a hiking trail / park nearby that really made the morning journey special.

    Now its back in the car to randomly find my nephew and then niece, both trips leaving from unexpected locations, which means I know where my destination is, but I have absolutely no clue on how to get there from my starting locations. But thank-you CoPilot Live, with you sitting pretty, so am I as we head out for another great day here at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

    Will cheer today for Team Slovakia and probably Team Germany (gotta keep our DE team happy internally – right Klaus & Sandro!).

    Anxietey building over Sunday’s absolutely phenomenal slate of ice hockey power games – even if you’ve never watched a game in your life, Sunday is the day to do it, as all the top powers will be playing against their historical rivals.!!!! Too bad, I am ticketless for the day’s events, but instead will use CoPilot Live to locate us a solid restaurant to watch the games at.

    Go Canada! Go Czech! Go Norway! – all heck, go everyone!

  4. Dan Titus
    Posted February 22, 2010 at 7:29 am | Permalink

    A huge day here in Canada, preparing for this afternoon’s Canada-USA ice hockey game. Rumor has it there are plenty of CoPilot Live users flying in for this special game, and will wear red at the rink. Of course, CoPilot LiveLink location sharing is ideal for the logistical challenge of coordinating meetings, ticket exchanges, and linking up after various events all over the city.

    Word has it tickets to today’s big game are running $1,500 plus… and this only the preliminary round at that. Wow. I recommend saving the money, and finding a local HD TV screen located all over Vancouver to settle in with many an international ice hockey fan.

    Me, well I’ve lucked out and have been invited to the game. I’ll be wearing red too!

    Ovechkin (Russia) just leveled Jagr (Czech) in the neutral zone leading to Russia’s 3rd goal ! Wow, what a hit! 3-1 Russia in the 2nd period.

    Hopping in the car, after the first game, to use CoPilot Live’s special downtown route to get me to the big game with plenty of time to spare. With huge crowds downtown due to the weekend, I’m very thankful CoPilot Live is on my team! Have to position the car to minimize wait time after the evening curling session.

    Then shipping my USA buddy out first thing Monday morning so have to find the airport from my brother’s pad.

    Weather remains outstanding.

  5. Randall
    Posted February 22, 2010 at 9:46 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the trip blog, Dan. Hope you enjoyed the USA-Canada game…shades of Miracle on Ice…30 year anniversary today, I think.

    Wanted to say not only am I enjoying the narrative but I also learned about using the Plan-Edit Trip in a new way! I’ve always used it to modify an itinerary when I’ve been enroute, but I never thought of using it to “preview” a route, check out alternate routes and also investigate POIs. The initial blog entry got me curious enough to “plan” the described route on my own phone!

    Best of all I think I can explore a trip when I’m on a plane as I don’t have to be “live” to do this…definitely can’t do this with other packages unless hooked up with a GogoWifi link in the airplane. With CoPilot v.8, why bother with the internet in an airliner when you can do it with your local maps and local POI database!!!

    Dan, enjoy the trip and have safe journeys!!!

  6. Dan Titus
    Posted February 23, 2010 at 6:54 am | Permalink

    Randall – glad to hear you’re enjoying the highlights of my trip! And you’re absolutely right CoPilot Live will not only make your trip a lot easier while you’re at your destination but it allows you to plan the best route possible ahead of time. So you spend more time enjoying yourself and less time worrying about navigating. And for a journey like the one I’m on it’s a must!

  7. Dan Titus
    Posted February 23, 2010 at 6:55 am | Permalink

    Day 5

    Well the sea of red supporting the Canadian Mens Hockey team simply was not enough to stop a very strong performance by the USA Mens Team who were led by outstanding goaltending of Ryan Miller and a team with extra jump in their skates as we say up here north of the Border. Congratulations to USA! A major win and a major feather in their international cap.

    As I have several American friends here at the Games I had to endure an onslaught of text messages and phone calls making sure I understood what was happening on the ice.

    That said, there were no medals awarded for ice hockey on this big night, so in typical Canadian fashion, the country will move on to the more important games and use this game as a stepping stone to bigger and better things later in the week. GO CANADA! PLAY CROSBY MORE – double shift him!!! Put the game on the line with our young guys including Marc Andre Fleury! (even my brother disagrees with me on this one…).

    Oh yeah, what does this all have to do with CoPilot Live? – well trying to coordinate 10 people in 10 locations through what turned out to be the biggest day in Canadian home hockey history in downtown Vancouver, BC. The city was mobbed (major understatement) and getting around anywhere was a real chore. But with CoPilot Live in hand, our feet on the street, and Pedestrian mode in full swing, our guys and gals moved around the City with ease.

    Some were meeting us at curling after a long day of work, having never before driven to the curling venue. Others were positioning themselves for strategic loud chants of “USA USA USA USA…” in various major watering holes throughout the downtown area. Tickets on the street were over $1500 for the event itself.

    Me, I used CoPilot Live to navigate the crowded streets and make my way from the center of the city, where I picked up my last minute ticket, to the back of the Hockey venue through the beautiful sea walk section which puts you in the back of the GM Hockey Place. Made great time as a result and caught the full warm-up and the very special Canadian Sea of Red and chants for our team ahead of the start of the game. Electrifying! (appears Brodeur was too close to the electricity as he seemed to be in some state of shock for the first period. Sorry Marty but what were you thinking when you tried to hit the puck out of mid-air… we’re at the Winter Games not the Ssummer ones Mary!

    As with all Great sports teams, the superior players will face the demons of demise with added skill and persistence that will allow them to prevail. Brodeur is the best goaltender to ever play the game, and he’s certainly earned a bad game along the way. But the rest of the team has to step it up too – shoot the puck guys! Canada is not a passing country… Shoot to score.

    Ok, ok, as you can all read, I’m now in therapy over the USA defeat… will try and move on today by catching both the USA Womens game and the Canada Womens game.

    PS – Wayne Gretzky put your skates on man!!! And give Mario Lemieux a call too!… all hands on deck!

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