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CoPilot Live for iPhone (North America) has been updated

CoPilot Live iPhone for North America has been updated to build

The main changes are

• Vastly improved GPS Performance
• Text-To-Speech added for North American customers

To enable Text-To-Speech you will need to follow these steps…
1.Go to the Settings on the iPhone (outside of CoPilot)
2.Select “CoPilot NA”
3.Change “License Reset” to “On”. (See image right)
4.Close the Settings
5.Start CoPilot NA
6.Enter your CoPilot ID and Password.
7.Activate your Product.

NOTE – If you previously upgraded to Traffic, Fuel Prices and Local Search, by performing the above will lose these settings. You will need to re-enter your upgrade PKC that you purchased in LICENSING | UPGRADE to re-enable the purchased premium features

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